"Menmonics in Motion"

Christopher: Mnemonica playing violin samples | Fender Rhodes Mark I | Hohner Clavinet | Bass Guitar | Violin sometimes into StreamSequencer software instrument

Theo: MusicBox software instrument tuned to low D fed by drumming on a microphone with drumsticks into StreamSequencer software instrument | Ludwig Birch Classic Kit w/ Pearl Masters Maple snare | Zildjian cymbals, 13" hats (dyno beat on the bottom, K on the top), 19" A Custom Crash, 20" K ride, 20" Crash of Doom

Jared Bell: Hohner Clavient (overdriven) with Boss PS-5 | Fender Rhodes Mark I | MicroKorg

Peter Hess: Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophones

Phil Rodriguez: Trumpet