"Position and Hold"*

((( KSFO Tower )))
((( KJFK Tower )))
((( EHAM Approach/Radar )))
((( KORD Chicago )))
((( MMMX Mexico City )))
((( RJTT Tokyo )))
((( PALH Lake Hood )))
((( CYZZ Tower )))
((( EIDW Dublin Del/Gnd/Twr )))
((( KAUS Austin )))

All feeds via LiveATC.net

* Used by ATC to inform a pilot to taxi onto the departure runway in takeoff position and wait, i.e. hold (as heard from KSFO Tower at the end of this track). As of 10.30.10 this instruction has been deprecated, now but a memory from ATC airwaves of old, replaced with "Line Up and Wait".

Christopher: Fender Rhodes Mark I | Violin | Violin drone into Moog MuRF | StreamSequencer software instrument processing violin harmonics loop from "A List of Things to Light on Fire" | Air Traffic Controllers recorded live from around the world

Theo: Glockenspiel | Ludwig 1970 WMP drumset with hand-hammered snare | Zildjian cymbals, 13" hats (dyno beat on the bottom, K on the xtop), 19" A Custom Crash, 20" K ride, 20" Crash of Doom

Phil Rodriguez: Trumpet

Roy Femenella: French Horn

Marlan Barry: Violoncello

Peter Hess: Soprano and Bass Clarinet