Your Midi controller must be set-up with MidiShare first in order to do anything useful.

Now that it is, launch the Mnemonica application. A window displaying text info about the software appears. Play a note (or some sustaining sound) into your computer's first audio input and hold it. While still holding the note, press C3 (the C below middle C) for a second and release it. You just sampled one second's worth of whatever you were playing.

Now play C4 (middle C). You should hear this captured sonoroity playing back at you, endlessly looping. you can do this with all the white keys in the two octaves surrounding middle C - capturing samples into the 7 discrete samplers with your left hand and playing these samples back with your right hand. Program change values 1-7 will clear these samples so you can start over at any time (assign these to some buttons).

Get some continuous controller knobs or faders mapped to controllers 14, 15, 16, 17, 85, 104, and 103. These control the playback speed of your samplers. Get into things more after reading how deep it all gets in the CONTROLLING THE INSTRUMENT section.