Your Midi controller must be set-up with MidiShare first in order to do anything useful.

Now that it is, launch the StreamSequencer application. A window displaying text info about the software appears and should end with CONNECTED TO MIDISHARE. Play a long held note into your computer's first audio input. You should hear the same sound delayed and coming out of the application alternating between the left and right channels. Boring. Now get some knobs or faders mapped to continuous controllers 14, 15, 16, 17, 85, 104, 106, and 105. Tweak these controllers a bit. Play another long note. Now you should hear it being variously transposed up and down with each step of the sequencer. When the controllers are set to 64 that step isn't transposed at all, when set to 0 it slows down an octave, when set to 127 it speeds up an octave, with various other intervals in between.

Set a knob to continuous controller 27. You can change the rate of the sequencer by tweaking this controller. Get into things more after reading how deep it all gets in the CONTROLLING THE INSTRUMENT section.