"Electricity Turns Them On"

Christopher: Sustained violin Major 9th loop into Moog MuRF (initial beat) | Glockenspiel played with butt-end of drumsticks | Violin through Maxon AD-900 Delay and Boss PS-5 Pitch Shifter | Fender Rhodes Mark I

Theo: Large plastic storage container (destroyed) | Snare on floor with splash cymbals and keys on top | Indonesian Bells (subsequently reversed) | Drumsticks on bass drum rims | Kick drum with timpani mallets | Tambourine | Ludwig 1970 WMP drumset with hand-hammered snare | Zildjian cymbals, 13" hats (dyno beat on the bottom, K on the top), 19" A Custom Crash, 20" K ride, 20" Crash of Doom